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Copyright and Fair Use: Videos

A brief introduction to matters of copyright and fair use exemptions in an academic setting

What About Fair Use?

Public Performance Rights

Do I Need Public Performance Rights?

The vast majority of library videos are loaned for personal use only.  Any group viewing (with the exception of viewing in a regularly scheduled class) requires Public Performance Rights (PPR).  For example, you must obtain written permission from the rights holder or purchase public performance rights for showing a film or video during:

  • an event sponsored by a club or organization
  • a residence hall sponsored event
  • a film festival
  • any event outside of a regularly scheduled class

    To obtain Public Performance Rights you must contact the film distributor (see this searchable database of film distributors from UC Berkeley) or contact one of the following providers:

    Be prepared to provide:  the exact date and time of the showing, the venue, the approximate number of attendees, the sponsoring organization, and the name and contact information of the responsible party.  In some cases permission may be granted without charge, but usually there will be a fee.  Payment can range from $100-$500 per showing and can usually be paid by credit card or University purchase order with the assistance of the Mabee Learning Center's Media Services Department (405.585.4501 /

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