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REL 3563: Baptist History and Theology: Home

An introductory pathfinder for beginning research and supporting materials for Baptist History and Theology. Course description: A study of the history and theology of Baptists from their 17th century origins to the present with primary emphasis on develo

Specific Learning objectives


  1. Introduce the main personalities, writings, and theological developments of the Baptist tradition from its origins in the sixteenth century to the present day.
  2. Use primary historical sources in tandem with secondary sources so that students may acquire a deeper understanding of the confessions, covenants, and catechisms that shaped Baptist identity.
  3. Emphasize doctrines of ecclesiology, polity, baptism, Lord’s Supper, religious liberty and other seminal Baptist distinctives.
  4. Deepen appreciation and understanding of student’s beliefs by offering both a synchronic and diachronic history of Baptist history.
  5. Highlight the struggles of theologians, scholars, missionaries, pastors, and martyrs who have embodied Baptist principles.
  6. Provide stimulus for subsequent and more intensive study of the Christian church through interactive lectures, innovative activities, and engaging visuals.
  7. Intentionally integrate Scripture, theology, and history in order to illuminate the meta-narrative of God’s redemptive plan through the lens of the Baptist tradition.


After this course, students should be able to:

  1. Articulate an informed understanding of the significant periods, events, ideas, and persons in Baptist history. 
  2. Express and contextualize historic Baptist distinctives in polity and theology.
  3. Understand the primary theories of Baptist origins.
  4. Understand the context for the establishment of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  5. Place the history of Oklahoma Baptists in the context of Southern Baptist history. 

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